The annual SYMTAS is growing year by year. This meeting is the only international meeting specifically aimed at mechanical thrombectomy of large vessel obstruction. In previous editions its impact on the scientific and healthcare community has been decisive as a reference to present and discuss the latest advances in the endovascular treatment of stroke.

In this year the program will consist of two sections: one corresponding to technological innovation, providing information on new technologies and practice, and another where current controversies will be discussed trying to reach conclusions that systematize and update the technology of mechanical thrombectomy.

SYMTAS is not a typical formal meeting, we wish, as in previous years, to stimulate debates and opinions based on case discuss operator’s experience and the results of most recent studies. We would appreciate you sending us your ideas for subjects you would like us to cover and help us design the program.


Technological innovation

  • Technology. The use artificial intelligence to identify suspected LVO strokes and automatically notify specialists.
  • How evolving technologies are permitting improved rates of revascularization and clinical outcomes through achieving the first-pass effect.
  • Why would I choose to use the Embotrap II device.
  • TRAP Technique: once you build the set-up for TRAP, you are ready for anything
  • Robotic -assisted platform for intracranial neurovascular interventions is yet avaible?.
  • Preliminary experience with of the CorPath GRX.



  • Does IV tPA Delay the Initiation of MT?
  • Distal Vessel Thrombectomy: Should We Treat Smaller Vessel Occlusions?.
  • Advanced Experience as Frontline Therapy to treat distal occlusions
  • Treating late presenting patients in the Real-World: subgroup analysis
  • Chronic occlusion: etiology, prevalence, natural history. Revascularization of chronic carotid occlusion
  • Failed thrombectomy management / stenting
  • What constitutes a failed thrombectomy. Are we to considerany TICI score below 2b as a failed Thrombectomy?
  • Is thrombectomy ‘Reasonable’ in Stroke Patients With Large Cores? SELECT study
  • Revascularization of chronic carotid occlusion: a new technical approach.
  • When should we stop trying to open a target vessel?
  • When and how should we treat patients with acute basilar artery occlusion.



  • Association of Thrombectomy With Stroke Outcomes Among Patient Subgroups Secondary
  • Analyses of the DEFUSE 3 Randomized Clinical Trial
  • Direct Aspiration for Thrombectomy in Ischemic Stroke Patients: Is it Viable? Studio Compass pros and contras.
  • Complications of endovascular treatment for acute ischemic stroke: Prevention and management.
  • Endovascular Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke with ERIC Device
  • Stroke management – which strategy? Understand your target: the clot, underlying stenosis; and adaptive secondary prevention…
  • COMPO-CLOT study. Clot adhesion on stentretrievers.


Case discussion and special situations

All sessions will have a simultaneous translation service.